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NE700 Series Upright Biological Microscope

The latest NE700 series microscope is designed for professional laboratory microscopic observation. On the one hand it has upgraded optical system , NIS infinity optics system provides excellent extendibility for this microscope, high numerical aperture (NA) plan achromatic objective and various types of optical components which have adopted multilayer coating technology could ensure the image quality. On the other hand, improving comfort and operation convenience continuously, and the LCD screen in front of the microscope displays real-time status of microscope during working, universal condenser, stopper that can be used to set the upper limit of the stage height etc., these structures ensure that beginners can use it smoothly. Ergonomic design helps you to stay focused for longer by reducing the strain on your body, which is the best choice for scientific research experimenters and medical examiners for microscopic observation.

High quality images Intuition in operation Comfort in use
Superior Optical Design Brings up High Quality Images

NE700 employs NIS series plan archromatic objectives,which feature flat,sharp images up to the periphery of the field of view. High numerical aperture(NA) and long working distances,with high resolution, and a wide variety of usage are available.Restore the real colors and realize accurate observation of samples.

Observation with FOV of 22 mm

NE700 can enhance efficiency of sample observation when equipped with FOV22 tubes and lenses.

Kohler illumination,uniform brightness throughout the field of view

Adding a Kohler mirror in front of light source to provide bright and uniform field of view. Matching NIS infinity optical system and high-resolution objective, provides you perfect microscopic imaging.

User-friendly, even beginners can operate stress-free
Comfortable and worry free focus knob Put Slide by one hand
Low position focus knob design,different areas on the specimen slide can be easily explored while resting your hands on the table,with adjustable torque could improve comfort . NE700 is equipped with a stopper that can be used to set the upper limit of the stage height, the stage stops at the set height even when the focus knob is turned, thereby eliminating the risk of over-focusing and breaking the slides or damaging the objectives. Slides can be quickly slid in and out with one hand. The universal sample holder is suitable for a variety of slide types, such as Hemocytometer.
Easy-to-rotate quintuple nosepiece Uniform and stable brightness
High-precision machining ensures smoothness and durability in use. The nosepiece features an easy grip for smooth rotation, and accommodates up to five objectives, users can also choose 2X objective with large field of view and phase contrast objectives. The LED light source produces daylight lighting conditions, so that the sample presents a natural color. LED design life span is 50,000 hours, which not only reduces maintenance costs, but also keeps the brightness stable during use.
Universal condenser is more convenient to use
Users can switch from 4X to 100X without moving the top lens. Contrast adjustment is performed by adjusting the iris diaphragm.
Intuitive operation and easy-to-use
Status display

Using status including magnification,brightness,color temperature,stand by status are shown on the LCD which is in front of microscope

Smart design

Longtime microscope observation requires frequent magnification switching, brightness adjustment, color temperature adjustment, etc. NE700 simplifies these repetitive mechanical operations and reflected status on the LCD to improve work efficiency and provide comfortable user experience.

Maintains comfortable brightness when switching magnifications

NE700 features intelligent Light Intesity Management which automatically remembers and sets the light intensity level for wach objective, with this function, users can increase comfort and savetime when the routine requires frequent magnification changes.

Color temperature adjustable

The LED light source produces daylight lighting conditions, so that the sample presents a natural color. Since the color temperature can be changed according to observation demand, even if brightness is changed, the brightness and color temperature could keep users feel comfortable.

Realize various functions with one brightness control knob
  • Single click: enter standby status
  • Double click: light intensity lock or unlock
  • Rotate: adjust brightness
  • Press and rotate up direction: adjust brightness
  • Press and rotate down direction: adjust color temperature
  • Hold the press for 3s:setting ECO
Automatically power off after a period of inactivity

NE700 is equipped with an ECO mode which automaticlly turns off the illumination after a certaion period of inactivity, the length of the inactivity period is adjustable, with ECO mode, it helps you save power and extend microscope life.

Multifunctional digital head (optional)

Built-in camera device, supporting Android, iOS, Windows OS, both wired and WIFI are available. images can be shared in real time remotely via network.

Easier transportation and storage

NE700 equipped with special handle, which is light and good in stability and stable in structure. Its back board is designed with a hub device, which effectively accommodates excessive long power cords and improves cleanliness of the laboratory.
At the same time, it also reduces trip accidents caused by excessive long power cords during transportation.

System layout
NE700 Biological Microscope Specifications
NE700 Biological Microscope Specifications
Optical system Infinity optical system
Eyepiece(F.O.V., mm) 10X/22mm,with diopter adjustment -5 ~ +5, Dia.Φ30
Viewing tubes Inclination angle 30°,Seidentopf binocular head with 360 degree rotation,pupilary distance:47-78mm
Inclination angle 30°,Seidentopf trinocular head,pupilary distance:47-78mm,Eyepiece/Port R:T=50:50
Inclination angle 30°,Seidentopf trinocular head,pupilary distance:47-78mm,Eyepiece/Port R:T=100:0/100:0
Inclination angle 30°,digital viewing head,pupilary distance:47-78mm
Inclination angle 30°,wireless WIFI digital viewing head,pupilary distance:47-78mm
Objective Infinite plan achromatic objective(4X,10X,20X,40X,100X)
Infinite plan phase contrast objective(10X,20X,40X,100X)
Infinite plan S-Apo fluorescence objective(4X,10X,20X,40X,100X)
Nosepiece Quintuple coding nosepiece
Stage Rackless stage 235X150mm,moving range 78mmX54mm,hard oxidized stage, can be replaced bytempered glass stage or sapphire stage
Condenser Abbe condenser(NA0.9),with Iris diaphragm
Swing-out achromatic condensor(NA0.9/0.25),with Iris diaphragm
NA1.25 sliding-in turret phase contrast kit
NA1.3-1.26 oil dark filed condenser
NA0.7-0.9 dry dark filed condenser
Focusing system Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment,coarse stroke 28mm,fine precision 0.001mm
Illumination Transmission 3W color and temperature adjustable,LED (LCD display magnification, time sleeping,brightness indication and lock,etc.)
Fluorescence LED illumination, 3 wave 4-position fluorescent turrent, with Iris diaphragm
Camera attachment 1X photo attachment, 0.5X photo attachment, adjustable focsing
Polarization Simple polarization set

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