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For maintenance and installation Work, mechanical workshops, Agriculture and forestry

Can be used in all positions (lifting, pulling, etc.)

No mains power supply required

Weighs only 3.5 kg and fits into Every tool-chest

For 300kg & 600 kg loads

Self-locking Planetary gear (patented)

The basic model comes with 12 mtr. Rope. Other lengths up to160 mtr. also available on demand

Operated with a normal battery-powered screwdriver or drill


PULLEYMAN - Lift loads with a battery-powered screwdriver!

A tool, capable of lifting or lowering objects, independent of electricity and operating only with a battery-powered screwdriver? Can be used as a hoist in factories and forestry operations, or as a rane on construction sites, for house-building or in car and truck service stations e.g. for lifting the engine block out of a vehicle - the uses of a tool of this nature are almost infinite and will make life easier in very many trades. The good news: A tool like this already exists!

Fixed PULLEYMAN PULLEYMAN with fixed lifting hook PULLEYMAN fixed to the floor Fixed rope, movint PULLEYMAN, load direction horizontal and inclined Fixed PULLEYMAN moving rope, load direction straight and inclined
Number of pulls Angle of traction Single pull Double pull
Pulling force / kg 1,500 3,000
12° 975 1,950
16° 825 1,650
27° 585 1,170
35° 205 870
Typical usees

Loads of up to 300 kg (even up to 600 kg with a sheave) can be lifted, dragged or lowered with the PULLEY-MAN. Thanks to its innovative technology and patented “self-locking” planetary gear, the PULLEY-MAN is particularly versatile and safe in use. Whether for use in factories, for installation or maintenance work, in agriculture or forestry, in vehicle workshops, on building sites or even for domestic use, the PULLEY-MAN is a practical assistant everywhere which is always simple to operate and ready for immediate use. The basic model comes with 12 meters of rope which is sufficient for vertical lifts in places difficult for a crane to access.
Usable as much as the wire rope’s length (also compatible for stainless steel wire rope) or even for providing the motive power for a short horizontal or inclined aerial ropeway. And on the question of the tool used with PULLEY-MAN, it could be any normal battery-powered screwdriver or drill to operate PULLEY-MAN

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