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Portable gas exchange and fluorescence system: high precision measurements of CO2-uptake and stomatal conductance of plants.

Gas exchange measurements rely on the basic principle that changes in CO2 and H2O concentrations are determined when air passes through a climate controlled chamber containing a plant sample.

The GFS-3000 is suitable for controlled laboratory settings as well as demanding field conditions.

The GFS-3000 perfectly complements with other Walz systems giving access to numerous aspects of photosynthesis research.

The Portable Gas-Exchange and Fluorescence System GFS-3000 enables wide range climate control. All environmental parameters relevant for plant photosynthesis (CO2, H2O, temperature, light, ventilation and flow) can be controlled automatically and over the full physiological range.

Optional fluorescence modules further expand the system’s capability. Experimental protocols for automatic light-curves or automatic CO2-curves can be easily programmed.

  • Integrated touch screen, well readable in sun light.

  • Combining high precision CO2 measurement with modern fluorescence and P700 measurements.

  • GFS-3000 and Standard Measuring Head 3010-S, flexible application options.

  • System Package GFS-3000FL (includes LED-Array/PAM-Fluorometer 3056-FL).

  • The system can be complimented by a wide range of accessories.

  • Standard Measuring Head 3010-S, one-handed or tripod mounted measurements.

  • Standard Measuring Head 3010-S facilitates measurements under ambient light or a quick mount of light sources.

  • Up to 10 cm2 measurable leaf area.

  • Standard Measuring Head 3010-S with LED Light Source 3041-L.

Main Components of the Basic System Package GFS-3000

Control Unit 3200-C containing the CO2 and H2O analyzer, as well as all components required for the CO2, H2O and flow control

Standard Measuring Head 3010-S featuring high application flexibility containing the ventilation system, temperature and light control

LED Light Source 3041-L with warm white LED array providing up to 10 cm2 homogenous illumination

AC Power Supply 3200-N for laboratory use

Four Li-ion eSMART Batteries 98 Wh for field work. Li-ion eSMART Quad Charger for simultaneous recharging of up to four eSMART batteries.

Optional Components and Accessories of the GFS-3000

LED-Array/PAM-Fluorometer 3057-FL for illumination of the leaf area and fluorescence measurements

Fiberoptics PAM-Fluorometer 3050-F to analyze fluorescence in sunlight

Miscellaneous accessories such as cuvettes and adapter plates offering user-specific application options

Accessories for product combinations with other Walz systems

Also, the complete equipment will be modified on customer request.
Modified System Package GFS-3000FL
The modified system package GFS-3000FL contains the LEDArray/PAM-Fluorometer 3057-FL instead of the LED Light Source 3041-L. All other components remain the same as in the basic system package GFS-3000. In terms of price, GFS-3000FL offers an interesting option to combine gas exchange and fluorescence measurements.

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