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Fluorometer for Long-term Monitoring of Photosynthesis

The chlorophyll fluorometer MONITORING-PAM is designed for unattended, long-term and multi-site monitoring of chlorophyll fluorescence in air or underwater. At each measuring site, compact and robust emitter-detector units measure modulated chlorophyll fluorescence and perform saturation pulse analysis.

Depending on system configuration, up to seven sites per MONITORING-PAM system can be measured simultaneously. At each site, photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) at sample level is recorded so that relative electron transport rates can be derived from PAR data and photochemical yields of photosystem II.

  • Monitoring photosynthesis in a grapevine leaf. Picture by courtesy of S. Tittmann and Y. Wohlfahrt, Hochschule Geisenheim.

  • Monitoring photosynthesis in conifer needles. Picture by courtesy of Albert Porcar-Castell, University of Helsinki.

  • Monitoring of acclimation to low temperatures (Holly, Ilex aquifolium Cultivar: J.C. van Tol).

  • Surveillance of photosynthesis of the dinoflagellate Symbiodinium living endosymbiotically in the coral Porites rus. Prototypes of emitter-detector head MONI-HEAD/S with stainless steel housing are employed. Picture kindly provided by T. Schils.

  • MONI-HEAD/S Measuring Head of the AQUATIC versions recording photosynthesis of an aquatic plant.

  • MONI-HEAD/S Measuring Head of the AQUATIC versions. Close-up with titanium sample clip.

General Features MONITORING-PAM

The multi-site chlorophyll fluorometer MONITORING-PAM operates several emitter-detector heads in parallel. A clip attached to each head positions the sample at defined distance and angle. Two types of emitterdetector heads are available which are specially designed for long-term operation in the field or under water.

Each emitter-detector head is equipped with a blue power LED. Based on exact timing of function, this LED provides modulated fluorescence excitation light, actinic light and saturation flashes. A lens focuses the LED radiation on the sample, and collects fluorescence. Maximum saturation pulse intensity at sample level exceeds 8500 μmol m-2 s-1.

  • Measuring end of emitter-detector unit MONI-HEAD/485. Light paths of fluorescence excitation and detection as well as for ambient light measurements are indicated.

  • MONI-HEAD/485 Measuring Head of the TERRESTRIAL versions with leaf clip and ambient light-reflecting Teflon.

  • MONI-HEAD/S Measuring Head of the AQUATIC versions. Close-up with titanium sample clip.

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