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Teaching Chlorophyll Fluorometer

Pulse-amplitude modulated (PAM) chlorophyll fluorometry in combination with saturation pulse analysis of fluorescence quenching is now a standard technique to assess plant photosynthesis.

In the 1990s, the Walz Teaching-PAM fluorometer (PAM-200) carried PAM fluorometry into university classrooms. Since then, there has been considerable progress in LED and PC technology, enabling the development of a powerful and versatile, and at the same time compact teaching fluorometer: the JUNIOR-PAM.

  • JUNIOR-PAM with 60° leaf-clip mounted on swivel-type support.

  • JUNIOR-PAM with magnetic leaf-clip on swivel-type support.

  • Magnetic leaf-clip.

  • 60° leaf-clip.

Outstanding Properties of the JUNIOR-PAM
  • Optimized for classroom teaching by small size and ease of operation.
  • Controlled and powered by PC via USB line.
  • WinControl-3 software for basic and advanced experiments.
  • Quantity discount for internship equipment
General Features JUNIOR-PAM

The JUNIOR-PAM fluorometer is a miniaturized instrument capable of carrying out the full range of saturation pulse analysis of photosystem II. A small box of 11.5 x 6.5 x 3.0 cm contains all optical and electronic components. The fluorometer is connected to the sample via a 50 cm long single plastic fiber with 1.5 mm diameter.

The JUNIOR-PAM employs the same blue (460 nm) power LED for pulse modulated fluorescence excitation, actinic illumination and saturating pulses. Also, the fluorometer features a far-red LED for selective excitation of PS I and determination of the F0’ level fluorescence.

Two different types of leaf-clips are provided. Measurements in ambient light are performed with a 60° leaf clip. A magnetic leaf clip is provided for dark-acclimation followed by measuring the maximum photochemical yield of photosystem II (FV/FM).

An optional monitoring leaf-clip is available to measure ambient light intensity (PAR, μmol m-2 s-1) at leaf level and leaf temperature (see Accessories).

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